What is Japanese Yoga?

At Shizen Yoga, we teach a style of Japanese yoga known as Zen Ki Yoga®. This is a powerfully healing style of yoga practice which changes in accordance with the seasons.

There are different movements for each season that focus on different parts of the body.

Most of the yoga is done lying down on the back and stomach, and it incorporates dynamic ‘spurts’ of movement with periods of rest in between. In this way we are following the flow of yin and yang through balancing tension and relaxation.

Zen Ki Yoga® is similar to traditional Chinese acupuncture and Zen Shiatsu, which focus on the meridians (energy lines) in the body in order to heal specific parts of the body. Because these energy lines are located in precise parts of the body, there is more emphasis on the integrity of the pose rather than for example, how high or low the leg can go. In this way, Zen Ki Yoga® meets each person exactly where they are at in terms of their flexibility and strength. It is suitable for all ages and levels.

According to Zen Ki Yoga® and all Japanese Yoga traditions, the physical and emotional centre of our body resides in our bellies. It is called the ‘hara’. To have our power in the belly is our natural state of being and our centre of gravity. For most of us these days, our energy resides up in our heads. Thus we often experience emotional tension, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Through strong core work in each class, we consistently strive to bring our energy from the upper body back down to the hara. In doing so you will leave each class feeling more grounded, balanced, relaxed and refreshed.