‘Shizen’ is Japanese for nature. It refers to not only the space where the yoga classes take place- in the open air under the sky and trees on a custom made yoga deck – but also the sacred act of returning to our ‘true’ nature through the breath and movement that is Japanese Yoga.

Modern life- so wonderful and convenient in many ways- also has its drawbacks. Never before has human civilisation collectively suffered so many chronic health issues. Our children are developing allergies at a frightening pace and cancer, heart disease, auto-immune disorders and depression are now almost commonplace. To meet a person who hasn’t had a loved one touched by one (if not more) of the above is a rare case. Sadly, many of us have forgotten that it is our natural state to be healthy in our bodies and our minds. Our bodies want to be in balance. When we are ill it is reflecting that an imbalance exists.

At Shizen Yoga, we believe that the root cause of this imbalance is the disconnection most of us experience with our physical bodies. With constant stimulation from Iphones, Ipads, computers, social media updates and 24 hour (bad) news, we are bombarded with non-stop noise that keeps us in our minds and locked out of our bodies. It’s almost as if we are just walking heads most of the time. Over months and years, this has a detrimental effect on our body, mind, relationships and ultimately our spirit.

Thus the ultimate vision of Shizen Yoga is to create space for all of us to return to our true nature that we were born knowing. Through awareness, movement, healing essential oils and breath you are gently invited to step out of your head, back into your body and return to your health.