Karenna Reidy

Karenna Reidy is a Mama, Other Half, Yogi, Teacher, Japanophile and Health and Business Coach. Her yoga journey began when her mother passed away from cancer when she was twenty. It was then that Karenna discovered the deep healing and sense of well-being a yoga practice could bring to her life.

Karenna’s approach to teaching Japanese-style yoga embraces her key passions in life: human kindness, yoga, essential oils and Japanese culture. She has practised yoga for over 20 years and has been a student of Japanese-style yoga since 1999. In recent years, Karenna has been incorporating pure essential oils into her daily life and yoga practise.

Yoga transforms our physical, emotional and spiritual lives while essential oils have been used throughout history to support and heal those same connections. A fluent speaker of Japanese and a qualified high school Japanese teacher, Karenna brings over 10 years’ teaching experience in both Australia and Japan to the yoga mat. She has completed all of Loraine Rushton’s Yoga for Kids, Yoga Therapy, L.O.V.E. Food and Mastery courses and has studied Zen Ki Yoga® with Janie Larmour at The Centre of Yoga in Sydney.