School Incursions


Engage your students in the yoga of Japan in this exciting and experiential Japanese Intercultural program. Students are introduced to Japanese Zen Ki Yoga® postures and the basic fundamentals of Zen Shiatsu. The class is conducted in a mixture of Japanese and English to suit all language skill levels. A completely immersive class, each student participates at his/her own fitness level.

Classes vary according to age, language level and season.

The program considers the Australian Curriculum and is interactive and engaging for all primary and secondary age groups.

Each student will leave the class feeling more refreshed, calm and balanced.

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Cultural Days

Bored of boules and origami for your annual Cultural Day? Wanting to break away from the cultural stereotypes but still wanting students to have an authentic cultural experience they’ll remember? The Japanese have a saying: 体で覚える, meaning ‘one learns with the body’. It is the idea that until we ground something in our physical experience of it, we cannot truly grasp it. Zen Ki Yoga® offers both a direct physical experience of the body while at the same time quietening the busy youthful mind. A Japanese Yoga class could be a calming way to start or end a Cultural Day Program.

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Mental Health and Wellbeing Programs

Looking to add a new dimension to a Mental Health Day or an ongoing Health and Wellbeing Program? Consider the benefits after just 1 class of Zen Ki Yoga®: improved circulation, greater flexibility, less anxiety, strong sense of community, better focus and mental stability.

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Interested in outsourcing the Yoga component of your PDHPE Program?

Would you like your students to gain the full benefit of studying yoga with a qualified secondary and yoga teacher?

Zen Ki Yoga® style is the most suitable of all yoga styles for active high school students- it is varied, dynamic and the results can be felt instantly.

Contact us to explore options and packages.

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Pricing 2016*

Per student pricing

  • 30 – 39 $11
  • 40 – 49 $9.50
  • 50 – 59 $8.50
  • 60 – 79 $8
  • 80 – 99 $7.50
  • 100+ $6.50
  • Minimum 30 students (total) or $330 flat fee for smaller groups
  • Maximum of 3 classes conducted per day
  • Classes outside of Sydney Metropolitan Area will include a travel fee on top of the yoga class fee

*NB: Pricing is for 1 day incursion visits only.
For a 2 week block for a PDHPE Program contact us to explore options and packages.